Kids Learning Chinese Book 1 Level A: Da Zhong Xiao (Big vs Small) - Bilingual Moms

Kids Learning Chinese Book 1 Level A: Da Zhong Xiao (Big vs Small)

By Bilingual Moms

  • Release Date: 2016-11-04
  • Genre: Langues étrangères


Unlike English, Chinese isn’t phonics-based.  One can’t simply pick up a book and “sound it out.”  Without an existing vocabulary set, kids can't even attempt to read a Chinese book.  It's no wonder then that kids living in non-Chinese-speaking countries soon abandon Chinese for other languages.  Traditional Chinese-learning books do little to inspire kids overseas -- with early introductions of poems and literary concepts too advanced and too vague for young minds.  As Bilingual Moms living abroad, we saw our children struggle to enjoy learning the Chinese language.  Hence, we developed Little Chinese Readers to help them make it fun for them (and fun for the teachers too!)
The system is comprised of two series -- "Kids Learning Chinese" leveled books and "Kids Reading Chinese" companion storybooks.  "Kids Learning Chinese" help children build up Chinese vocabularies by introducing simple and high-frequency words as tied to concepts most practical and familiar to kids.  By showing the same words in different contexts, coupled with fun illustrations and audio guides, kids learn the Chinese characters naturally.  After finishing every "Kids Learning Chinese" level, children will be able to read the companion leveled storybooks from the "Kids Reading Chinese" series, thus building their own Chinese reading muscles and confidence.  With Little Chinese Readers, kids aren’t just learning Chinese.  They are learning Chinese as part of life. 
「Little Chinese Readers」是专为海外的小朋友所设计的阅读系列童书。住在海外的孩子们,因为大环境的语言不是华语,培养华语阅读能力是学会华语的关键,但大部分的中文教材是针对国内的小孩,常用诗词、成语、抽象表述等文章,对海外宝宝不易懂、不实用、且乏味无趣。市面上的童书因为没有「分级」,父母无法依照小孩的进度选择适合的书,当小孩觉得中文阅读很难时,自然会选择阅读其他语言的书而放弃华语。「Little Chinese Readers」的课本 (Kids Learning Chinese 系列) 透过可爱的插画、语音、辅助性的拼音、及英文翻译帮助小朋友在每一级里轻松学会50~70个字。每一级同时搭配只使用之前学过的字所编写的故事书 (Kids Reading Chinese 系列),让小朋友可以自己完成阅读,自信的养成阅读习惯。
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